Home and Community Based (HCB) Settings Contract

Client:  Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

Under subcontract to New Editions Consulting, Mission Analytics assists CMS in the national implementation of new regulations promulgated under Section 1915(c) and 1915(i) of the Act to ensure that beneficiaries receive services as described. In particular, individuals receiving HCBS must live and work in settings that are home and community-based and that are integrated into the community.

We will develop and implement necessary tools, protocols and guidance materials to assist CMS and the states in the consistent and accurate implementation of these new requirements, including, but not limited to, home and community-based settings’ characteristics, person-centered planning, restrictive interventions, to ensure states are in compliance with the new regulations. We will provide both on-site and remote education and training to Central and Regional office staff and state agencies, to assist them in implementing these new rules.  We will collect, compile, review and analyze information to support CMS’ review of waiver submissions  to ensure that the waiver settings, the state’s environmental scans and transition plans all conform to CMS requirements, identify areas of concern with the states proposals and make recommendations to CMS on how to resolve problems identified. We will conduct on-site reviews of state home and community-based settings to ensure compliance with the new regulations and make recommendations to CMS. We will analyze and track the status of states’ progress in implementing the new regulations and shall compile and submit data reports to CMS verifying state statuses, best practices and lessons learned to assist CMS in the development of future policy decisions.

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