Risk Modeling, Assessment and Management

Mission Analytics applies quantitative and qualitative methodologies to model and monitor the risk of adverse events for clients of health and human services programs, including mortality, hospitalizations, injury, abuse and neglect, and medication errors.  As part of a comprehensive risk assessment and management approach, we offer a range of services, including:

  • Development of risk models that relate client characteristics (health status, age, gender, disability) and care settings (level of care, changes in residence) to the likelihood of adverse events;

  • Monitoring of regional and statewide adverse event rates, adjusted for case-mix complexity and benchmarked over time and across regions;

  • In-depth analysis of agencies with heightened incident rates including site visits, case review and statistical analysis;

  • Technical assistance around root cause analysis and care processes;

  • Development of tools to mitigate risks

  • Tracking of changes in response to risk mitigation activities.

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