Feeling Safe, Being Safe Webcast Survey and Outreach

Client:  California Department of Developmental Services (DDS)

Mission Analytics assisted DDS to improve the functionality and usage of the Feeling Safe, Being Safe (FSBS) webcast.  Mission Analytics evaluated the accessibility of the webcast by consumers and their support community and provided recommendations to improve and increase the functional use of the webcast. Mission Analytics developed an online survey using Survey Monkey, to target specific consumer groups, advocacy groups, provider groups, emergency response agencies, family members, and other stakeholder groups in California.  Mission Analytics also conducted research to determine a list of stakeholders, providers, and community entities that may provide individualized training to consumers on developing their personalized emergency preparedness plans, and distribute information packets about FSBS to increase stakeholder awareness of the FSBS webcast and materials.  The outreach included entities in each of the 21 regional centers.  In addition, Mission Analytics included outreach into California’s rural areas and diverse cultural populations served by the regional centers.  And finally, Mission Analytics developed a report from the results of the survey that, along with research, provided information to DDS in ways to improve the functionality, usage, and awareness of the FSBS webcast training tool and materials. Visit the FSBS website.

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