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Margaret (Peggy) O'Brien-Strain

Dr. O'Brien-Strain is the President, Senior Associate, and an owner at Mission Analytics Group.  Her current work focuses on health care services delivery, child and family policy, and developmental disabilities.  Across a wide range of projects, she provides expertise in statistical modeling, program evaluation and technical assistance, as well as writing for non-technical audiences.  

Nick Theobald

Dr. Theobald is an owner, Director, and Senior Associate who has more than 10 years of experience producing academic and applied policy research.  He serves as the quantitative and task lead on several projects, including work with the California Department of Developmental Services; San Francisco Department of Children, Youth & Their Families Violence Prevention and Intervention project; the Family Resource Center (FRC) Initiative in San Francisco; and the Rural Community Hospital Demonstration.

Vicky Wheeler  

Ms. Wheeler is an owner, Corporate Secretary, and Associate.  She contributes to project management, quantitative and qualitative research, training and technical assistance, and communication activities for work related to long-term care, developmental disabilities, and HIV/AIDS.  She currently serves as Mission’s lead to our prime contractor on the HCBS Settings project, assisting CMS in the review of state transition plans under the Final Rule. She has worked on the risk management contract at Mission Analytics since 2011, in multiple roles including Project Manager and Deputy Project Director.

AJ Jones

Mr. Jones is an owner and Senior Analyst. He contributes primarily to projects related to HIV/AIDS including training and technical assistance, project coordination, and quantitative and qualitative research.   

Minda Borja

Ms. Borja is an owner and the Office Administrator.  She provides corporate support to the President and Corporate Secretary.  She also handles accounts payable and manages the day-to-day office operational tasks and provides clerical support to the staff.  

Edward (Ed) Kako

Dr. Kako is an owner, Director, and Senior Associate.  His current work focuses on approaches to rebalancing long-term care, so that individuals with disabilities can spend their lives in their communities, among family and friends, rather than in institutions. Dr. Kako serves a Project Director for Mission Analytics Group's work with the Balancing Incentive Program (BIP); with Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR); and with Home and Community Based (HCBS) Technical Assistance States.

Elizabeth (Ellie) Coombs

Ms. Coombs is an Associate. She contributes to project management, quantitative and qualitative research, training and technical assistance, and communication activities.  She is the Project Manager for numerous complex projects with the Health Services and Resources Administration HIV/AIDS Bureau and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Catherine (Cathy) McCoy

Ms. McCoy is a Quality Improvement Technical Lead. Her primary focus at Mission Analytics is to work with systems that deliver care to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She assists in monitoring the risk of critical incidents, provides technical assistance, and helps develop strategic interventions to promote system of care process improvements.  

Trixy Joy Manansala

Ms. Manansala is a Research Analyst. She contributes to project coordination, logistics, and technical assistance work related to developmental disabilities, long-term care, HIV/AIDS, child care, and paid family leave.

Berhan Bayeh

Mr. Bayeh is an owner and Analyst. He provides statistical data analysis and technical assistance for various projects including developmental disabilities, family services, and youth violence prevention.

Natalie Ortiz

Ms. Ortiz is a Research Analyst. She contributes to research and communication projects related to areas of community-based long-term services and supports for individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities, mental illness, and the elderly.   

Jonathan Wilwerding

Dr. Wilwerding is an owner, Director, and Senior Associate.  He serves as the Project Director for Mission Analytics Group's work with individuals with developmental disabilities and child welfare.  

West Addison

Mr. Addison is an owner, Director, and the Chief of Statistical Programming. In this role, he directs and executes complex programming tasks for numerous projects.  He has extensive experience using complex administrative datasets, including child welfare services data, developmental disabilities data, HIV/AIDS data, and Medicare and Medicaid claims data.

Eric Verhulst

Mr. Verhulst is a Senior Analyst and provides statistical analysis and technical assistance on various projects for Medicaid and California Child Welfare Services.  

Anna Allison

Ms. Allison is a Senior Analyst and contributes to site visits, report production, technical assistance and other analytical support for projects related to individuals with disabilities, mental illness, and HIV/AIDS.

Elizabeth (Liz) Crane

Ms. Crane is a Senior Analyst. She contributes to quantitative research, technical assistance, qualitative research, and project coordination for projects related to health and developmental disabilities services.

Amy Lim

Ms. Lim is a Research Assistant and Programmer. She contributes to research regarding youth programs, developmental disabilities, and health care. 

Megan Strain

Ms. Strain is a Project and Proposal Coordinator. She contributes to corporate activities, such as tracking commitments to clients across project teams and managing new contracts. She is responsible for tracking and coordinating the completion of all required elements as identified in requests for proposals (RFPs), as well as assisting other administrative functions.