• Policy Research and Data Analysis
  • Risk Analysis and Monitoring
  • Data Integration & Management
  • Technical Assistance
  • Program Evaluation
  • Cost Effectiveness Analysis
  • Performance Measurement

Our team has extensive experience conducting and directing policy research. Our skills span both qualitative and quantitative methods, allowing us to apply the best approach or even multiple approaches to answering research questions. For example, in evaluating access to pharmacies in rural areas, our team utilized geographic mapping software to calculate and map access then conducted a qualitative evaluation of access through stakeholder interviews. To monitor risk in developmentally disabled populations, we combine time-series and econometric methods to track incident rates across the state.

In addition to expertise in data analysis, our team possesses years of experience working with administrative databases, as well as the collection and merging of data from various sources. Mission team members have long worked with education, health, and social services agencies to develop and utilize their data for purposes of analysis and evaluation. Furthermore, we have worked with various private organizations to collect existing data or to develop new data sources. Our team has put this knowledge to use in creating price indices for health services calculated from Census, HUD and premium data from state insurance agencies, and in calculating access to care measurers using provider data collected from private health insurance plans.

We leverage our policy research experience in providing technical assistance services to various public agencies. Our team has developed numerous data-driven tools and performance measures to aid evaluation activities of organizations. We provide in-person and web-based training to clients on data collection and evaluation. We also convene and direct consultants and technical expert panels for creating performance measures or developing implementation solutions.


  • SmartDraw: A software for creating presentation-quality flowcharts, org charts, floor plans and other diagrams
  • ArcGIS - Mapping and spatial analysis for understanding our world
  • Stata: Data analysis and statistical software
  • Link+: A union catalog of contributed holdings from participating libraries in California and Nevada
  • Link King: Public domain software for record linkage and unduplication
  • SAS: Business analytics and business intelligence software
  • Zotero: Research tool that helps you gather, organize, and analyze sources and then share the results of your research