Mission Analytics provides expert technical assistance and consulting services in the areas of long-term services and supports; developmental disabilities; children youth, and families; and health care delivery. We help our clients at the federal, state, and local levels to implement, administer, and improve publicly funded programs.

We have developed a wide range of products to help our clients, the agencies they work with, and the people they serve. These products include:

  • Fact sheets that help agencies understand key issues and meet specific challenges
  • National reports that survey the compliance and effectiveness of programs across the country
  • Dashboards that reflect progress in meeting program requirements
  • Application review tools that help our clients standardize the assessment of grant applications
  • Work plan templates that help agencies complete program requirements in a timely manner
  • Cost estimation tools that calculate the financial impact of programs under different assumptions about enrollment and utilization
  • Intensive, individualized data analysis and reports for agencies that need technical assistance on specific topics
  • Grantee activity summaries that list the activities and accomplishments of program participants
  • Data quality tools that help participating agencies improve the data they collect and submit